It’s a small world after all…

September 16, 2010

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day that you miss all the cool stuff that happens around you. I actually took the time to reflect on a recent project and noticed some really interesting things about it–or more accurately, really interesting things about the people involved in it.

It seems that we are always in need of quality production music, which can be hard to find. After looking for quite a while, we contacted a wonderfully talented musician named Andrew Higgins to produce a track for a video project we’re working on. After receiving the final music–which is fabulous!–I started to notice some parallels between us. Andrew is in the UK. The West Midlands to be precise, which is near Birmingham, England. We work in Prattville, Alabama which is about an hour away from Birmingham, Alabama. Andrew is very close to Stratford on Avon where Shakespeare was from. Just down the road from us in Montgomery is the state theater, the Alabama Shakespeare Festival. In fact the developers of ASF spend lots of time in Stratford when they were planning the theater.

While these aren’t earth-shaking revelations, I couldn’t help but smile when I thought about it all.  Even though we’re half a word away from each other, we were brought together and have more in common than we may have thought. I guess Walt Disney was right.  It is a small, small world…

You can check out Andrew’s music here:

Yes, I love technology…

June 25, 2010

Technology is a wonderful thing. When I worked in broadcast television, I remember being intimidated by the size of the cameras we used in field production. They weighed upwards of 25 pounds and we even used one that had a separate recording deck that had to be connected by an inch-thick cable. Not what you would call convenient! Fast-forward to a shoot we just did for the Alabama Sports Festival in Birmingham. Our camera weighs in at a little over three pounds and records on SDHC cards that hold 16GB of info. We’re using an iPad as a teleprompter and everything fits easily in the back of our vehicle. Oh yes, I loooooove technology!

Happy Anniversary!

June 16, 2010

We’re less than a month away from celebrating eleven years as a company. Wow! Not too shabby for a shop that got it’s start in a spare bedroom!

While we’ve been through a myriad of changes–from location, to personnel, to names–one thing has remained constant…loving what we do and having lots of fun doing it. OK, that’s two things. I’ll even venture to add a third, even more important constant–the peace that comes from knowing God is in control. No matter what we do, or don’t do, He always seems to keep bringing people to our door who want to pay us to do what we love to do. How cool is that? We like to refer to it as being a “God thing”.

Our current location in downtown Prattville is a great example. We found the building we are in while driving around searching for a studio space. The business had outgrown our house and we really needed to move into a new space so we could offer more services to our clients. Seeing the “For Rent” sign in the window made us stop and peek in the windows. The place looked like a good size (2,100 sq. ft. to be exact–bigger than our house!) and was right off Main Street. So we called the number and found out that the property had been vacant for six months. After meeting with the owners, we were told that they had about 50 previous inquiries about the space, but didn’t feel like any of the businesses were “the right fit”. We were. Hello “God thing”! And the rent? Less than our home mortgage! Hello, again “God thing”!

So what exactly is the traditional gift for the eleventh anniversary anyway?

Welcome to the BDZ Blog!

June 3, 2010

Welcome to the BDZ Blog, the blog of Big Dreamz Creative–a multiple award-winning full service new media design and production studio. We offer clients a distinctive experience with a broad range of creative services. And we like to have fun while we do it!

There’s always something going on and we’ll keep you up-to-speed–and hopefully entertained– along the way. In the meantime, be sure to check out our website ( and look for us on Facebook ( and Twitter (#createdreamz)!